X-Plane Settings

This is an information page on how I run my simulator, including my current settings and what plugins I use to get this kind of a look in my simulator.

I'm fortunate enough to have 2 strong PC:s. That means I can offload some of the usual stuff running on the gaming PC for most people, like web browsers and other stuff, on to the Streaming PC instead. That saves up resources for increased performance in the sim. You can't expect the same results on your machine even though you have the same specs or better.


Disclaimer: I do not offer any support on X-Plane. All I've done is look things up on publically available resources in each and every step. You have to do the same.






Better Pushback





Blu_fx (settings just bellow)


FlyWithLua Scrips

B2 Volume Control

Better Clouds

True Cockpit Shadows


Other Stuff

Clouds: Puffy Clouds

Sky Textures: RealSky


BLU_fx sliders

set everything on default and then use these bellow. pretty noice huh?

Post-Processing - Enabled

Brightness: -0.07

Contrast: 1.00

Saturation: 1.60

Blue Scale: 0.10