Truck Join


I've put this little short guideline together of "do's and dont"s to answer the most FAQs about driving with me on TruckersMP. Just to make sure that you, me and the people watching my channel will have the best expearience possible. Please make sure that you read this through and comply accordingly. And remember, you're more than welcome to join and I think it's awesome to have people driving with me. So let's go!





1. Anyone who wants to drive with me is welcome to do so. If you choose to, make you're sure that you're understanding and complying with TruckersMP:s set of rules.

2. You're driving your truck and I'm driving mine. That means you're responsible for your driving and I'm responsible for my driving. Don't drive like it's a game. Drive like it's the real deal because that's what I'm doing.

3. Make sure you understand, can read and follow speed limits, traffic signs and the set the GPS for routing. I'm not your guide.



Some Dont's:


1. Don't ask me to wait for you and don't tell me that you're waiting for me. Go when you are ready.

2. Don't tell me where to drive next, but feel free to suggest. I'll always pick a cargo job of my own choice.

3. Don't drive closer to me than you would in real life. Safety comes first. So use proper distance.

4. Don't add me on Steam, my friend list is very strict and consists only of people I know IRL.

5. Don't ask for Discord communications. The game and the Twitch chat requires my full attention.