Rules: Live Streaming

Before doing anything - make sure you're familiar with Twitch TOS and CG. Also, same rules apply on my YouTube Channel so, check out Youtube TOS and CG as well.



I'm fluent in both Swedish and English.



Most welll-known simulator- and gaming related websites are approved to link in chat without permission. Ask before posting a link if you are unsure. If the Bot denies you, wait untill me myself or a moderator give you an approval to post the link. Otherwise you risk a 10 minute timeout.


Common Sense:

No Racism / No Homophobia. No talks of politics, ongoing wars or religion. Everyone is welcome here.


Respect this:

In simulation games, we're trying to simulate daily operations as real as it gets. We're not doing or promoting any kind of crashes nor simulating acts of terrorism on this channel. Please respect this and don't bother asking for it. All requests related to this will result in either timout, permanent ban from this channel and a report for violating Twitch CG: Hateful Conduct and Harassment.



.. advertise ad block, it's against twitch TOS and will get you in trouble.



.. question ban or timouts. If you believe there is a issue with your ban or timeout, think first if you have done something to cause it.



.. self promote or advertise without permission. This includes posting unassociated clips of other channels.



.. try to get into the same lobby/game as Simon on purpose. But feel free to depart from and to the same destination as Simon. !join for more info.



.. spam Simon to play a certain game or fly to/from a certain destination in chat. !request for more information.



.. be a jerk.



.. nice.