P3D Settings

This is an information page on how I run my simulator, including my current settings and what is running on which computer etc.

I'm fortunate enough to have 2 strong PC:s. That means I can offload some of the usual stuff running on the gaming PC for most people, like the weather engine, on to the Streaming PC instead. That saves up resources for increased performance in the sim.

Disclaimer: I do not offer any support on P3D, nor how to set up your sim to run across 2 PCs. It is VERY HARD to set up and involves Windows Network Sharing (regedit & services etc), Home Network & Firewall configuration, Antivirus configuration, P3D .xml coding, and a brilliant backup strategy if you fuck up, etc. All I've done is look things up on publically available resources in each and every step. You have to do the same.


Software on Gaming PC

Prepar3D v4.4


SimConnect (latest SDK)


VFX Central (only on sim startup)

Active Sky Cloud Arts

vPilot Host Mode with Voice

Navigraph Charts


Software on Streaming PC

WideFS7 (WideClient)

Active Sky for P3Dv4

ProjectFly Desktop App


vPilot Remote Mode

Simbrief Downloader

Navigraph FMS Data Manager