Flight Sim Join


I've put this little short guideline together of "do's and dont"s to answer the most FAQs about flying with me online. Just to make sure that you, me and the people watching my channel will have the best expearience possible. Please make sure that you read this through and comply accordingly. And remember, you're more than welcome to join and I think it's awesome to have people flying with me. So let's fly!

FYI: My turnarounds (time between landing and next take-off) is usually around 15-30 minutes if I'm not planning to take a break, then it is usually around 60-90 minutes.

Suggested software: Paid version for Navigraph for charts and updated AIRAC. Simbrief for dispatch briefing.





1. Anyone who wants to fly with me is welcome to do so. If you choose to, make you're sure that you're understanding and complying with VATSIM Important Rules.

2. You're flying your plane and I'm flying my plane. That means you're the Pilot in Command of your plane and is fully responsible, just like me, to have the necessary charts, AIRACs, dispatch briefing (including SID, STAR, Routes, Fuel, Weather etc.) and addons to make our flights as realistic as possible.

3. To comply with above, use these suggested software and resources, or equivalent: Paid version of Navigraph for charts and AIRACs. Simbrief for full briefing of the flight. Most Vatsim regions and divisions have free charts available on their website that you can use.

4. Make sure you understand, can read and follow local procedures for challanging approaches and aerodromes. I will have to fully focus when flying these so except no help in real time, but feel free pay attention and ask questions when I'm briefing myself about it before TOD.

5. Fly with real world weather. I use Active Sky with VATSIM injection. When there's no ATC/ATIS available, I pick my DEP and ARR runway with the connecting SID/STAR according to what the winds favor at that time. If unsure, check Flightradar24.



Some Dont's:


1. Don't ask me to wait for you. Go when you are ready. Don't let your passengers wait :)

2. Don't tell me where to fly next, but feel free to suggest. I usually plan my most legs before stream starts, so we'll fly those first, and if we have more time left I can take your suggestions into consideration. I will not fly where I don't have payware/good enough freeware scenery.

3. Don't fly closer to my plane of what is stated by real world separation minimums. If you're behind and on the same flight level, check my mach number and stay bellow it (as you would in real flying), as I would do the same if you're infront of me.