Great Music

The master behind the music playing in my IRL scenes is Matthew Huffaker 'aka' "Teknoaxe". You can should check out his awesome work at his YouTube channel or his Website.


Awesome Sounds

When inside airport terminals I use awesome sound made and recorded by inchadney. It's actually recorded at Heathrow which I think is very cool! Check out his page on Freesound here for more awesome sounds.

During some walkaround checks around the airplane, I use a beautiful sound recorded by klankbeeld. It's called windy polder trees and it is really the winds I need. Check out his work on Freesound here.

The Applause sound is from "akx" on Freesound. You can get it here.


Superb Emotes

Coming soon :)


Cool Scene sets

Coming soon :)



I take it very seriously to credit other artists and creators sufficient and fair for their great work that they share under what's called "creative commons". If you feel that something is missing out on this page, please write to me personally:

E-mail: (subject "Credits" for a quicker response)